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Is Satellite Internet Right For Me?

Satellite internet is the perfect option for those who wish to access the internet at high speeds, but can’t because of their location. For those in rural areas who are only offered Dial-Up and DSL, then yes, satellite internet should be considered your top option.

Some people don’t have the need for satellite internet as they can get Fiber Optic internet or traditional cable internet. These people are able to get these connection because they have the access to them based on their location. Those outside the city limits however, have been dragged down by the lack of dependable internet of the last few years. Fortunately, they don’t have to!

With HughesNet, now even rural Americans can access the internet at upwards of 15 Mbps which will allow you to stream movies and music, Facetime your friends and family as well as browse the internet without the frustration of lag.

What do HughesNet Plans Offer?

First and foremost, HughesNet is committed to always offering its customers the fastest speeds available in your area. We are committed to giving our customers fast, reliable internet service at or above the advertised speeds as regularly as possible. This means that whether you are on Day 1 or Day 30 of your monthly data plan, we will strive to meet or exceed the speeds that you are paying for!

How Satellite Internet Works

For those who use the internet a little more than the average person, we have plans that will help you meet your needs. Whether you need a larger monthly data allowance or need unlimited data when it comes to internet browsing and email access (not including downloading and uploading) we more than likely have the plan that will fit your needs.

Along with great internet service, you will be getting qualified and experienced Customer Care Representatives along with other aspects to make your service more enjoyable. If you are worried about how much data you are using throughout the month, take a look at the customer portal. Each customer is given an account when they sign up so that they are able to painlessly check their data usage throughout the month!

Should I Get Satellite Internet?

This question is the not the easiest to answer, but satellite internet is the perfect solution for many people. Those who are tied up with dial-up internet or DSL would be very pleased with the consistency and efficiency of satellite internet. Those with other options who have the need for higher speeds and larger data allowance, should look for options such as Fiber Optic or Cable internet if it is available in your area.

If you have any further questions, please check the table below:

  • Cable or Fiber Optic Internet is Available Near Me
  • I often play online games which include fast-twitch movement
  • I have the need for unlimited data bandwidth
  • I work from home and use the internet almost all day
  • I live in a Rural part of the country
  • I am frustrated with fluctuating speeds and an unreliable connection
  • I use Dial-Up or DSL currently
  • I use the internet for light browsing and social media

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