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Internet experience makes all the difference. Keep in close contact with family and friends as you email, share photos, and stream videos online. Give your children the edge in Buffalo, MN with high-speed satellite Internet that gives them access to a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips. All of this and more can be done with HughesNet Gen4 satellite Internet technology. HughesNet is different than other high-speed Internet Providers in Buffalo, MN - there's no dial-up and no waiting when you use HughesNet.

Get Online Instantly With HughesNet Gen4 in Buffalo, MN

In rural Buffalo, MN, as with many isolated and remote locations, Internet service provider options are limited. Now, with HughesNet Gen4, you can subscribe to affordable high-speed Internet without having to compromise quality, speed, or customer care.

Fastest Internet access option in Buffalo

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Easy Connection With Amazing Speed

The industry-leading technology of the HughesNet satellite system makes for an Internet experience like never before. HughesNet Gen4 offers three incredible Internet plans:

Power - 10 Mbps download speeds with 1 Mbps upload speeds and 10 GB of monthly data allowance. This plan is ideal for emailing, sharing photos, and web browsing.

Power PRO - Download speeds up to 10 Mbps and upload speeds of 2 Mbps with a monthly data allowance of 30 GB. Choose this package if you share documents, enjoy social media, or stream music.

Power MAX - This is the Cadillac of HughesNet plans for those who play online games, stream movies, or work from home. 15/2 download and upload speeds and 40 GB of monthly data allowance make this plan hard to turn down.

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Depending on your Internet needs, HughesNet offers plans that will keep you connected with loved ones, world news, and entertainment. With over 30 years of experience in satellite technology, HughesNet understands and values the importance of our customers. We have a team of highly trained professionals operating phone lines 24/7 to provide trouble shooting assistance around the clock.

Our installation process is convenient and easy. Get hooked up to high-speed satellite Internet in no time when you order HughesNet Gen 4. Simply select a time that is convenient with your schedule and a certified installer will hook your system up in no time. HughesNet Gen4 provides:

  • Always-on Internet connection
  • Safe and secure browsing
  • Superior customer care
  • New plans up to 15x faster

Choose a satellite Internet service provider that can guarantee incredibly fast and secure Internet access anytime, anywhere. Order HughesNet Gen4 today and become one of millions with the next generation of satellite Internet.

Get Satellite Internet and stay connected

Buffalo Rural Internet does not need to be slow dial-up. You can change how you experience online by choosing satellite Internet plans that meet the needs of your household or business. With speedy Internet access, you can:

  • Stay in touch with loved ones
  • Work from home, no matter where you are
  • Play games
  • Learn and research

HughesNet Gen4 Speeds Up to 15 Mbps!
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To get started, you simply need a clear view of the southern sky from your home or business. High-speed Internet service from HughesNet is perfectly compatible with either Mac or Windows computers. Installation can usually be scheduled within a week. Learn more about the Internet deals in your area by contacting one of our HughesNet specialists now.

Just think how great it is to have satellite Internet. Everyone can be online at the same time doing what it is they like to do and with the same great connection no matter what room in the house they are in or even out on the deck. This is freedom you don't get with cable and with Buffalo Minnesota DSL the farther you are from the modem the less speed you have in the connection. For a list of common questions that may be holding you back, check out our Internet access FAQ.

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