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Cutting-Edge Satellite Internet is Now Available in New Windsor MD

Get the most out of your Internet experience when you order HughesNet satellite Internet service in New Windsor. Now serving over 2.5 million subscribers in America alone, HughesNet has a proven track record of delivering unmatched Internet to households around the country. With the most advanced network of satellite technology, you can now enjoy uninterrupted satellite Internet without the hassle of dial-up and additional phone lines.

Fastest Internet access option in New Windsor

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HughesNet Gen4: A Trusted Name and High-Speed Internet Provider for New Windsor, Maryland

When you subscribe to HughesNet Internet, you get more than high-speed Internet. You are also signing up for a team of highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to optimizing your Internet experience. At our Network Operations Center, we have a team of skilled professionals operating phone lines 24/7 to provide you with troubleshooting and assistance. Other HughesNet Gen4 benefits include:

  • Unlimited availability
  • Macintosh and Windows operating system compatible
  • No dial-up necessary
  • Free standard installation
  • Secure Network
  • Outstanding Customer Support
HughesNet Gen4 Speeds Up to 15 Mbps!
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Unlike cable and DSL companies, HughesNet satellite Internet can reach the most remote of locations. All you need is a clear view of the southern sky! In addition to housing a team of customer representatives, our Network Operations Center also monitors networks around the clock to ensure safe and secure transmission of information. Rest assured knowing that online banking transactions and personal info travels privately from our satellite to directly to your computer.

Internet the Way You Always Imagined It

Whether you are interested in simply browsing the web or use it for more intensive purposes like video streaming and file downloads, HughesNet has a plan that will fit all of your satellite Internet needs. If you are interested in sharing photos and banking online, our Power plan is the way to go. With 10 Mbps download speeds and 1 Mbps upload speeds, you can use 20 GB of monthly data allowance to get everything you want and more out of your Internet experience. For users who keep up with friends and family through social media and share photos on a regular basis, the Power PRO is the perfect plan. Our third tier plan, the Power MAX is designed for Internet users who enjoy online gaming and stream videos. This plan has download speeds up to 15 Mbps and 2 Mbps upload speeds with 40 GB of monthly data allowance.

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Get Satellite Internet and Stay Connected

New Windsor Rural Internet does not need to be slow dial-up. You can change how you experience online by choosing satellite Internet plans that meet the needs of your household or business. With speedy Internet access, you can:

  • Stay in touch with loved ones
  • Work from home, no matter where you are
  • Play games
  • Learn and research

To get started, you simply need a clear view of the southern sky from your home or business. High-speed Internet service from HughesNet is perfectly compatible with either Mac or Windows computers. Installation can usually be scheduled within a week. Learn more about the Internet deals in your area by contacting one of our HughesNet specialists now.

Just think how great it is to have high-speed satellite Internet. Everyone can be online at the same time doing what it is they like to do and with the same great connection no matter what room in the house they are in or even out on the deck. This is freedom you don't get with cable and with New Windsor, Maryland DSL the farther you are from the modem the less speed you have in the connection. For a list of common questions that may be holding you back, check out our Internet access FAQ.

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