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HughesNet brings its customers VoIP services which allow you to connect with friends and family via the telephone. Not only can you experience top of the line, high speed internet in your area, but you can bundle that with HughesNet’s VoIP service to get the most out of your plan! VoIP works seamlessly with HughesNet internet service and will offer the ease of having all of your bills in one easy to find locations!

What is HughesNet VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and it is a way to make phone calls using your internet connection rather than using a phone line. While there are many third party companies that offer this service, there are none that can offer you what HughesNet can! HughesNet’s VoIP service works directly off of your broadband internet connection, like any other third party service, but HughesNet does not count their service against your data allowance plan. This is very different from the other companies as they DO count against your data plan. This means that you could easily drain your data allowance with a long calls to your grandparents, kids or even in the case of a family emergency. This is why HughesNet’s VoIP service is so much better than the third party sites

Unlimited Calling to US & Canada

How Satellite Internet Works

Not only does HughesNet’s VoIP service not count against your monthly data allowance, but you are also allowed unlimited calling to all 50 states in the US as well as calls to Canada. This allows you to carry on with conversations to missed relatives for as long as you want with no worry as you are not eating up your monthly data! Unlimited calls to the US and Canada are great, but we also offer great rates on international calling for family members that you wish to keep in contact with while they are on a trip or living in another country.

Think of the savings you could have! Not only do your calls not count against your data, which will save you a load of money, but you also get unlimited calling with no restrictions or hidden fees to US and Canada!

HughesNet also offers its users top of the line sounds quality by prioritizing your voice packets unlike other VoIP companies. While there are many VoIP options such as Vonage, those work through your data plan and will slowly eat up your data costing you more money and an enjoyable service.

    So remember, with HughesNet VoIP service, you get:
  • Unlimited calls to the US and Canada (including long distance)
  • Inexpensive rates for international calls
  • The ease of internet and phone on one bill
  • Savings compared to traditional phone companies
  • Unlimited VoIP data which would not be the case with a 3rd party VoIP service
  • Personalized voicemail (with email reminders)
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller ID to avoid unwanted calls

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