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How Does Satellite Internet Work? Ask HughesNet!

As the first company to bring high speed satellite internet service to the United States, HughesNet is the perfect one to ask about how it works. After leading the industry in the development of satellite technology, it is still at the forefront of the industry, with the fastest speeds and the best technology available today. While it takes a lot of engineering and research to make satellite Internet work, in reality the service is about a give and take of information. Instead of traveling along wires, the information is beamed through the sky to and from a satellite above the Earth.

How Satellite Internet Works

It’s All About The Technology

Satellite Internet depends on very precise technology in order to connect you to the Internet and transmit the information that you need. A satellite dish or receiver installed on or near your home is critical to the functioning of your Internet service. It is the outside unit. It is connected via a cable to the inside unit or modem which you in turn connect to your computer. This technology is provided by your satellite Internet provider and is necessary in order to send and receive information to and from the Internet. Set-up and installation is handled by a professional HughesNet installer.

It Starts At Your Computer

When you click your mouse or hit enter, a web page request is sent to the EchoStar XVII satellite. That request travels 22,000 miles into space to the satellite, which is in a geosynchronous orbit with the Earth, ensuring it is always in the same place in relation to the Earth. The technology that makes this possible also ensures that it takes less than half a second to travel that distance.

NOC, NOC, Who’s There?

The next step in satellite Internet communication is for the satellite to communicate with the Hughes Network Operations Center (NOC). The NOC finds the website that has been requested. The requested information from the website travels through the NOC and then, to the satellite, and back to your computer via the HughesNet receiver/dish and the modem.

All this communication, and the round trip of more than 44,000 miles happens in less than a second, which is so fast that the slight delay is almost unnoticeable. In fact, it is similar to cell phone lag, which users have easily become accustomed to. Once your HughesNet service has been professionally installed in your home, it is easy to go online and do practically anything you’ve ever wanted to do online.

HughesNet Gen4 Delivers Improved Technology

HughesNet is always working to better its service. The latest innovation is called HughesNet Gen4 and is the fourth generation of satellite Internet technology from the industry leader. It brings you higher speed and more download capacity than ever before. The SmartTechnologies that are included in HughesNet Gen4 speed up your service. Data is compressed so that you can get even more from your monthly data plan. It also changes the way information is retrieved from the satellite for increased efficiency.

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