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HughesNet High-Speed Internet in Rural US

High speed internet, like HughesNet offers, has unfortunately not always been available everywhere. It used to be that that people who lived in rural America were stuck with dial-up internet or DSL, which has proved more than unreliable over the years. With HughesNet, this is no longer a problem. HughesNet offers many plans with speeds up to 200 times faster than that of dial-up and far more consistent than DSL.

If using the internet with reliable speeds is an issue for you, we have the solution you been asking for! Satellite internet from HughesNet give you the ability to do all of things you SHOULD be able to do online such as:

  • Streaming Music and Movies
  • Downloading Files
  • Online Gaming
  • Browsing

One of the biggest questions about satellite internet is: how does it work? Well, it all starts with the ViaSat-1 Satellite which is a geostationary satellite that rotates at the same speed as the earth keeping it in the same geographic location 24/7. This satellite receives internet signals from a ground station which is then sent directly to your personal dish with is placed on the top of your home or apartment. This satellite then transmits the signal to your modem through a wired connection. After this, all you do is plug your computer directly into the modem (or you can use a wireless routers for wi-fi capabilities) and you can enjoy the advantages of high speed HughesNet Internet!

How Satellite Internet Works

The Benefits of HughesNet

If you are tired of buffering and slow loading pages, HughesNet internet is exactly what you need. In addition to excellent customer care, we offer:

Painless Installation

Our trained and certified installers promise top-notch installation experiences. Not only will your satellite internet be installed correctly, but our installers will do the best they can to work within your timeframe and offer you a quick and hassle-free installation!

Blazing Download Speeds

Plans go all the way up to 15 Mbps download speeds which are often exceeded.

Upload Speeds for Sharing

Whether you are holding a meeting over Facetime or seeing your grandkids from thousands of miles away, HughesNet gives you the ability to upload data at 2 Mbps. This is also helpful for sharing photos on social media and much more!

HughesNet promises it’s customers the best internet service in their areas and we can assure you that the same internet being given to you has been designed by some of the top IT (Information Technology) professionals in the industry whose main goal is to engineer the best, most efficient internet service.

With HughesNet, you will get consistent, efficient high speed internet to help you download, upload and surf the web the way you should be able to!

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