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The leader in satellite Internet service – HughesNet – is available to you now! No matter where you live in the nation, HughesNet gives you a trusted, high speed option in Internet service.

High speed satellite Internet from HughesNet gives rural Americans the speed to take advantages of everything the Internet has to offer. Rural America has long been ignored by the cable and telephone companies that provide land-based high speed Internet to densely populated urban and suburban parts of the country. That has meant many rural residents have waited for years, making do with dial-up Internet or traditional DSL, in anticipation of those big-name providers extending service to them.

Stop waiting on what may happen, someday. HughesNet is here now with speeds that no other rural Internet provider can beat.

Get Fast Internet Now

If you are tired of waiting, one simple phone call can get you started. When you contact us at 1-866-669-9023, a knowledgeable satellite Internet specialist will be happy to answer any questions you have and set up your complimentary standard installation. In just a few days, a trained professional HughesNet installer will be at your home to install your satellite dish and set-up your service, so it is working perfectly from the start. A clear view of the southern sky from your home is all you need.

Enjoy Doing The Things You Want To Do Online

High Speed Internet from HughesNet Gen4 allows you to do countless exciting things online, because it has the speed needed to keep up with everything the Internet offers: Satellite Internet Service Provider

  • Surf the web in real time, with no waiting for connections and downloads.
  • Skype with loved ones you miss.
  • Stream the music you love or the videos that make you laugh.
  • Shop online and enjoy limitless choice.
  • Use social media to stay connected to those who are important to you.
  • ownload music, apps, files, photos, and more in seconds.
With speeds as high as 15 Mbps for downloads and 2 Mbps for uploads, you can enjoy super fast Internet that no other satellite provider can beat.

Call the satellite Internet provider specialists now at
1-866-669-9023 to schedule installation.

HughesNet Advantages You Will Love

Only HughesNet has major advantages over the competition. You get so much more than you ever expected from an Internet service provider.

  • Professional, technical customer service that is available 24/7.
  • Complimentary professional installation of your HughesNet equipment and set-up of your new service.
  • Continual improvement of existing technology and development of increasingly better Internet service for you, like the addition of built-in SmartTechnologies to increase your online speed.
  • Completely secure transmission of information.
  • Compatibility with Windows or Mac operating systems.
  • You get an impressive 50 GB of Bonus Bytes to use during off-peak hours with every HughesNet Gen4 plan. So in addition to your anytime data, you get a generous allotment of extra hours to help you avoid exceeding your monthly limit.

With over 2.5 million users and 40 years of experience in satellite communications, HughesNet knows how to deliver just what you need and more.

HughesNet Offers Plans Suited To You

Its many years of experience have taught HughesNet that there are many different types of Internet users, and therefore no one plan will suit them all. For that reason, the leader in satellite Internet brings you a choice in plans that start as low as $49.99 monthly. If this isn't the Internet service provider for you, then try searching for ISPs in Alabama and beyond in the US. The introductory plan is perfect for the single user household, someone who uses the Internet infrequently, or those who just want to surf the net and use email. Other plans allow you to do much more, and even faster. Our largest plan is perfect for multi-user households, those who use the Internet a lot, stream media or even run a small business. Our team of Internet specialists can help you choose the right plan for your home.

Experience the difference that real Internet speed makes to your online experience. Available now, where you live, HughesNet satellite Internet lets you enjoy the best of the Internet, without the wait.

Schedule installation today, by calling us at 1-866-669-9023. An Internet specialist is waiting to help you!

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